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Woman Up – together we can!

Today I’m talking about how we, as women and girls, need to ditch the lack of confidence and embrace becoming a little braver.

When it comes to achieving success in life, confidence is often seen as key to unlocking one’s potential. The number of women and girls I know or I have worked with (and I include myself in this) who note a desire to build confidence because it is somehow ‘lacking’ is quite staggering. Anecdotally it’s probably about 85%.

Unfortunately, women and girls are often socialised into thinking they need ‘more confidence’ whilst simultaneously being told not to be too visible, too loud or say too much. We are often encouraged to be smaller, avoid taking risk and prioritise the opinions of others over our own desires and needs. But confidence is in us, I see it all the time, we’ve just learnt to supress it and as a result we miss out of showing people how competent and able we are. This is why I think we need a reframe, from ‘lacking in confidence’ to ‘being a bit braver!’

Embracing bravery feels far less deficit saturated and far more empowering, doesn’t it? This can be done through small acts of courage, such as speaking up when we disagree with something, using our voices and bodies more to say what we think and what we need. That is not to say we all of a sudden need to become rude and reckless (as tempting as that might be in some spaces!), but by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, we can build courage muscle and learn to become braver in all aspects of our lives. And by prioritising bravery, we can overcome our fears and limitations and take bold steps towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our potential.

So, please join me in ‘becoming a little bit braver’ in your spaces and places and encouraging other women and girls to do the same – together we can! Please also do get in touch if you’d like to talk more about this with me and how I can help you through the power of coaching. Power to us women, girls and all the men that support us….be well x

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