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My name is Cleo and I'm the founder of Cleo Coaching. I've been working therapeutically with people for over 20 years.

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My Story

As a dedicated and compassionate coach and social worker with a strong commitment to empowering social workers, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to support their professional growth and personal development. With a background in child protection, I possess a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities within the field.

My coaching philosophy centres on fostering resilience, enhancing communication skills, and promoting self-care among social workers. I have a proven track record of helping individuals overcome obstacles, improve their self-confidence, and refine their problem-solving abilities. My approach is rooted in systemic practice which creates and nurtures an inclusive space where social workers can openly explore their concerns, find solutions, and thrive in their roles. I have a keen ability to tailor my coaching to meet the unique needs of each individual, recognizing the diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our social work profession.

Through ongoing professional development and staying abreast of the latest developments and best practices in social work, I ensure that the social workers I coach are equipped to excel in a constantly evolving field. I am not only their coach but also their ally in making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

With a friendly, calm and approachable demeanour, I am committed to building strong rapport and trust with the social workers I work with, creating a safe and confidential environment for them to flourish. I am driven by a passion for personal and professional growth, and I look forward to continuing to support social workers in their journey to make a difference in our communities.


“Cleo is patient and calm, she worked at the same pace as me, slowing down so I could reflect on my situation. Cleo's clear boundaries made me feel safe and the sessions affirmed for me the conditions to achieve my best work. Overall coaching with Cleo achieved what I wanted and more! "


"Cleo is approachable, friendly, non-judgmental, attentive, open, empathetic and curious. Cleo helped me to dig-deeper, found links in patterns of behaviour/thoughts through my past into my present and enabled me to start working out where I want to be in the future. I now understand more about what has been holding me back and feel more able to make positive decisions about my future. A big thank you!."


“Cleo is supportive, encouraging and approachable. Coaching with Cleo helped me feel more able to speak positively about my achievements and change things within myself which I found unhelpful in my behaviours.  Cleo helped me see myself in a different way and although my journey continues she provided me with the skills to build upon the foundations she helped me lay.”

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